The interactive map of lobbying opportunities

Transparency International performed a profound investigation on Russian deputies. We helped them to present the result to broad audience, by making it nice-looking and easily explorable.

The map of Moscow coffee shops

The animated map of obesity

Rating of regional isolation in Russia

The interactive tile grid map shows statistics on contracts concluded between Russian regions

The Pies, eaten by the Stamen team

Learn about behind the scenes on Medium

Evolution of primates

Intentional homicide victims

Tiled map of Russia

We've made a map of Russia, where every subject is represented by a square. It's used by the Datawrapper and various Russian news platforms


The telegram stickerpack, which is recreated by a neural network every 5 minutes

The float generator

Migration within Russia

The capital repairs datavis made on hackathon

The rating of Russian banks

The site of IDEA project

Particularly, we've redesigned the scheme of the Internet of Energy and made an animated version, which is available on the website along with explanations, to make the topic clear to the broad audience

The site of ONDER

The prototype of a packed circles dashboard

The site of highlining course

Ivan Dianov
Designer and project manager
Olga Mokhova
Frontend developer