Floattery takes any name and — FLOP! Makes a unique fishing float out of it. Finally you can learn more about yourself and your friends.


The floats are assembled from pre-drawn sections. Not in any way, but according to the rules described in the generative grammar. It defines possible combinations of float parts: what types of sections they contain and in what order they go.

The sequence is a random, but the randomness depends on the content of the text field. The same values will draw the same floats.


Ivan Dianov
Came up with the idea to generate floats with grammar. And he did

Maxim Gryaznov
The instigator, float designer, section combinator

Stepan Shashero
Made the floats swing. Not simply, but with javascript

Masha Kozikova

Dmitry Moskovsky
Designed the interface

Zhenya Arutyunov